Labradorite alchemy bracelet
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Labradorite alchemy bracelet

Rare fiery blue labradorite makes this bracelet a natural work of art. 

It’s meaningful:

    • labradorite is the magicians stone. Inuit legend says that labradorite is the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Considered to be most magical, it's THE stone for personal transformation. It strengthens willpower and inner calm. It enhances intuition and connects the wearer to higher levels of spirituality and creativity. 

    • Set your intentions and project them mentally onto this bracelet. Let the fire and weight of this piece be a constant reminder that you have the power to manifest your dreams. 
    • a wonderful piece to wear during yoga and meditation 


  • Adjustable bracelet with a woven slip knot to fit everyone 
  • unisex
  • Center piece is about 1.5”x.75” with 8mm beads 
  • Due to the natural elements of this bracelet colors and sizes may vary slightly. 
  • handmade in the USA